is a unique platform that hosts online recovery meetings of all kinds with live video support. We are proud to host two weekly Recovery Dharma meetings on ITR!

Join these meetings at

These meetings use the In the Rooms website and community, which can be accessed by visiting their site and creating a profile.

Once registered, you can join the meetings by visiting with a laptop or desktop computer and finding us in the upcoming meetings list.

Note on joining by phone: There is no dial-in telephone option at In The Rooms, so a computer or smartphone is required. Thank you for understanding.

Meeting Times

There are two meetings per week, on Tuesday and Thursday evening in the USA, but on Wednesday/Friday in the UK and Australia.


Need more Timezones? Use the converter!

  • Open the Time Zone Converter »
  • It will show PT and ET (the times in the table above)
  • Enter your local timezone to find out the difference
  • Update the date+time in ET or PT to match a meeting to confirm your local time

About Meetings

Our meetings use the standard Recovery Dharma format modified for online meetings, featuring a reading from the Recovery Dharma Book to inspire shares:

  • Introductory readings about RD’s practices and principles
  • 20 minute guided meditation
  • Book reading on a specific topic
  • Group sharing about that topic, the meditation, or our recovery
  • Closing anouncements and dedication of merit

Virtual Parking Lot: As with all meetings, we stay online after the meeting for casual fellowship, to exchange contact information and to answer questions.

Please arrive early: Please join us 15 minutes before the meeting to ensure you have everything setup and to socialize before we start!


Everything seen and heard in Recovery Dharma meetings is strictly private and confidential.