This document explains the different volunteer roles that make up RDO and the RDO SSC (Sangha Support Circle). The SSC is a group of dedicated volunteers who work collaboratively to address RDO business.

Each of these roles is designed to be held by one person for a minimum of six months. Some require longer commitments (such as treasurer or web administrator) so please check carefully.

To contact the RDO leadership with general comments, you can use the RDO website contact form.

How are roles filled?

  • Any active RDO member in good standing can volunteer for an open role, as long as they have any required skills or experience (such as in the case of Treasurer and Web Admin). 
  • When someone takes on a new stewardship role within RDO (chair, secretary, communications admin, treasurer, facilitation coordinator, web admin, along with their alternates, and Safety Circle) they will be announced to the RDO Facilitators mailing list, then confirmed at the next quarterly Intersangha business meeting, allowing community members an opportunity to review the appointment. 
  • Each person should only fill a single role if possible
  • If multiple people want the same role,  discuss together who will take it first and try to come to a consensus together, with the understanding that the role can swap after a certain time to “take turns”
  • Whenever possible, positions should be filled to maximize diversity of participation
  • If no one wants to take on a role, someone who already has a role can take it on.


  • Leads the Sangha Support Circle in setting the agenda for Intersangha meetings 
  • Facilitates agenda   —————— for Intersangha meeting and leads on managing consensus (unless delegated)
  • Oversees that all of these roles are filled (announces vacancies to facilitators)
  • Contacting the Chair


  • Serve as Chair when Chair is unable to perform their duties
  • During the Intersangha – Manage participation activity
    • Monitor raised hands
    • Monitor chat
    • Timekeep
      • During Discussion items 
      • Individual shares


  • Takes notes  for SSC and  Intersangha meeting minutes 
  • Transfers appropriate information from the SSC rolling agenda to the Intersangha rolling agenda for final edt by SSC Members
  • Notifies the Communications Admin when the rolling agenda, minutes and other SSC documentation is ready for dissemination
  • Supports Chair or Co Chairs in defining meeting agendas.
  • Keep Google Drive organized
  • Responsible for rdo-facilitators Google Group membership (in collaboration with Facilitation Coordinator)
  • Contacting the Secretary

Alternate Secretary: 

  • Serve as Secretary when Secretary is unable to perform their duties
  • Manage meeting recordings (share on google drive)
  • Proofread minutes

Communications Admin

  • Distributes information on behalf of the SSC to the RDO Facilitator Google Group, on Slack, and to any other RDO-specific spaces.
  • Ensures that recurring quarterly communications are issued such as:
    • SSC and Intersangha meeting reminders
    • InterSangha call for agenda items with a deadline
    • SSC and Intersangha rolling agenda (after the secretary has completed edits)
    • Supporting documents for review prior to a meeting. 
  • Checks RDO email and social media such as Slack and Facebook and alerts the SSC if there is an issue requiring attention.   
  • Checks RDO Contact Form, RDO Facilitator Google Group, Slack and other RDO-specific spaces alerting the SSC if there is an issue requiring attention. 
  • Contacting the Communications Admin

Alternate Communication Admin: 

  • Serve as Communication Admin when Communications Admin is unable to perform their duties
  • Collaborate on the wording/editing of communications 
  • If possible, monitor RDO communication platforms (i.e RDO Facilitator Google Group, Slack, FB)

Treasurer (1 — 2 years) 

  • Paypal manager
  • Oversees and is signatory for the Bank Account
  • Oversees applicable IRS status and impact
  • Sends “Thank you”s to donors
  • Keeps books
  • Pays Bills
  • Provides written report at each Intersangha meeting & provides a Year End Summary
  • Contacting the treasurer

Alternate Treasurer: 

  • Serve as Treasurer when Treasurer is unable to perform their duties
  • Becomes a signatory for the Bank Account
  • Helps with IRS status and impact

Web Admin (1 – 2 years)

  • Manage website and RDO-hosted schedules
  • Liaison to RD about online needs
  • Contacting the Web Admin

Alternate Web Admin

  • Serve as Web Admin when Web Admin is unable to perform their duties
  • Review & Assists with the “To Do” list on Intersangha Rolling Agenda Report

Facilitation coordinator

  • Supports meeting organizers in their work hosting meetings and training new facilitators.
  • Maintains and updates the RDO Facilitator Guide (Zoom) Google Doc.
  • Meets with newly trained facilitators for confirmation and onboarding to the RDO Facilitators mailing list.
  • Ensures public schedules (website+Google Calendar) are accurate (in collaboration with Web Admin)
  • Ensure RDG meeting lists are accurate
  • Contacting the Facilitation coordinator

Alternate Facilitation Coordinator

  • Serve as Facilitation Coordinator when Facilitation Coordinator is unable to perform their duties
  • Help maintain the google facilitator list 
  • Help maintain the google meeting list
  • Assist in training of facilitators
  • Assist with onboarding

RDO Sangha Support Circle (SSC)

  • A group of volunteers who work collaboratively  to address RDO business   
  • Individuals holding the single-person roles listed above are invited and encouraged to participate in the SSC. 
  • Meet monthly to work together on tasks and agree on the agenda for the upcoming Intersangha meeting. 
  • SSC members make decisions collectively following the RDO Consensus Practice, and all decisions are open for review and revision by the rest of the community following feedback and discussion at quarterly Intersangha meetings.
  • Tasks
    • Manage email (decide who needs access) 
    • Convene and facilitate quarterly Intersangha business meeting 
    • Agenda formation and consensus process with Chair as lead
    • Moderate Facilitator communication (eg google groups, slack, etc.) 
    • Support Meeting Facilitators with training and meeting planning
    • Liaise with Recovery Dharma Global board of directors and community-run circles and projects 
  • Members of the SSC
    • Chair
    • Co-Chair
    • Secretary
    • Alt Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Alt Treasurer
    • Communications Admin
    • Alt Communications Admin
    • Web Admin
    • Alt Web Admin
    • Facilitation Coordinator
    • Alt Facilitation Coordinator
  • Contacting the SSC

RDO Meeting Facilitators Circle ( ♾)

RDO Safety Circle

  • A group that oversees safety issues in the sangha, including management of the RDO Safety Guidelines and providing assistance to community members having conflict or difficulties. Please see the Requesting assistance from the Safety Circle section of the Safety Guidelines for more details.
  • Circle members are expected to familiarize themselves deeply with the RDO Safety Guidelines, as well as related materials surrounding non-violent communication and conflict mediation, such as those found in the Resources section of the guidelines.
  • New circle members are expected to complete Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course (a 10-hour self-guided program) as part of their training. The registration fees will be paid for by RDO. 
  • The number of members depends on volunteers, but should be at least 3 to ensure a diversity of perspectives. 
  •  Contacting the Safety Circle

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