Our Community

Recovery Dharma Online (RDO) is a thriving and robust community of Recovery Dharma members from around the world. We meet up at Online/Phone meetings and stay in contact between events. The fruit of this effort is a growing community of meetings driven by Spiritual Friends. We support each other on our paths of recovery.

Our Meetings

RDO members facilitate many different meetings each week using variations of the Recovery Dharma meeting format. Many combine meditation with readings from the book to inspire discussion, others focus on meditation and sharing alone, while others have special formats like speaker meetings or self-inquiry practice. From the meeting list you can click through to read the full details of the format and structure of each meeting.

For some, the video+phone meetings serve as our home-base for community. For others, these meetings serve to augment attendance at local in-person meetings. We encourage everyone to attend whatever meetings fit in their schedule!

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Governance and Intersangha Meetings

RDO, like Recovery Dharma Global, is a peer-led project. Leadership is shared among the various meeting facilitators, volunteers who’ve made a commitment to care for a meeting and ensure a reliable schedule for attendees.

Long-term decision making and shared projects are discussed at our quarterly Intersangha meetings, which take place on the third Saturday of the month every three months, in January, April, July, and October.

“Sangha” means community, and we call these meetings “Intersangha” because they are a coming together of the various smaller communities that attend each meeting.

Agendas for upcoming meetings, as well as detailed notes from all past ones can be found on the RDO Intersangha Meeting Rolling Agenda (http://bit.ly/rdo-agenda)

All facilitators and any interested participants are encouraged to attend Intersangha meetings to get involved! Here are some of the items likely to be discussed:

  • Reports from facilitators about how meetings are going and any support they need from the wider community.
  • Financial updates about fundraising and expenses.
  • Infrastructure discussions about the meeting platforms and website.
  • Discussions on meeting formats and issues/solutions for meeting facilitators.
  • Planning of future special workshops and events.
  • Other issues brought up by community members and facilitators.

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Suggested Meeting Script

While each RDO meeting is independent, and free to determine its own format and meeting script, the RDO Intersangha maintains a version of the script that sets a recommended baseline for all meetings. You can find the Google Doc here: RDO Suggested Meeting Script.

This script contains improvements and tweaks for running online meetings that are safe and effective. Changes to this script, which are always ongoing and agreed to during our quarterly Intersangha calls, can be suggested and commented on in this “discussion” Google Doc: RDO Suggested Meeting Script: DISCUSSION VERSION

Please read the introductory text in the DISCUSSION VERSION for more details on how you can participate!

Gratitude and Generosity

RDO is organized by and for peers who are traveling and working on the RD Path. All events and resources are offered freely on a volunteer basis.

We collect donations to cover the technical expenses involved in hosting this website and the Zoom videoconference plaftorm.

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Contact information

Please see the Contact page to find a contact form and other ways to reach the volunteers running this project.