This meeting uses the Zoom videoconferencing software, which can be accessed via their apps or by dialing in with a regular phone.

You can join using a laptop or smartphone by clicking the link above, which should open the Zoom app if you have it installed, or prompt you to download it if you don’t.

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Joining by telephone

Meeting ID: 626 648 758

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About the Queer Sangha

One of the most powerful and important aspects of this program of recovery is the cultivation of community. The intention of this meeting is to provide a space for connection and support for those who identify within the LGBTQIA+ and gender and sexual minority (GSM) community as we apply the practices and process of Recovery Dharma to recovery from addiction of all kinds.

About Book Study Meetings

“Book Study” is the standard format for Recovery Dharma meetings, featuring a reading from the Recovery Dharma Book to inspire shares:

  • Introductory readings about RD’s practices and principles
  • 20 minute guided meditation
  • Book reading on a specific topic
  • Group sharing about that topic, the meditation, or our recovery
  • Closing anouncements and dedication of merit

Virtual Parking Lot: As with all meetings, we stay online after the meeting for casual fellowship, to exchange contact information and to answer questions.

Please arrive early: Please join us 15 minutes before the meeting to ensure you have everything setup and to socialize before we start!

Meeting Materials

Please see the meeting format for a full script of what happens at this meeting!


Everything seen and heard in Recovery Dharma meetings is strictly private and confidential.

Name and contact info: Zoom should ask you for your name the first time you log in. Be careful to use the name you would like to be visible during the meeting. You may also change your name during the meeting using the meeting settings.

Audio and video: Attendees are able to share their webcam video and audio if they would like to, or disable one or both for privacy.