This document explains the leadership team for RDO, and the different volunteer roles that make up the SSC (Sangha Support Circle) a committee responsible for overall management of the organization. 

Each of these roles is designed to be held by one person for a minimum of six months. Some require longer commitments (such as treasurer or web administrator) so please check carefully. To contact the RDO leadership with general comments, you can use the RDO website contact form. To make an official complaint or to report an issue with RDO or a facilitator, please use the Report an Issue form:

How are roles filled?

  • Any active RDO Facilitator can volunteer for an open role for a set time period
  • Each person should only fill a single role if possible
  • If multiple people want it, discuss together who will take it first and try to come to a consensus together, with the understanding that the role can swap after a certain time to “take turns”
  • Whenever possible, positions should be filled to maximize diversity of participation
  • If no one wants to take on a role, someone who already has a role can take it on.


  • Sets agenda for inter-sangha meeting
  • Facilitates agenda for intersangha meeting and leads on managing consensus (unless delegated)
  • Oversees that all of these roles are filled (announces vacancies to facilitators)
  • Contacting the Chair


  • Take notes and share intersangha meeting minutes 
  • Support Chair in defining meeting agendas with continuity
  • Keep Google Drive organized
  • Responsible for rdo-facilitators Google Group membership (in collaboration with Facilitation Captain)
  • Contacting the Secretary

Treasurer (1 — 2 years)

  • Paypal manager
  • Sends “Thank you”s to donors
  • Keeps books
  • Pays Bills
  • Provides written report at each intersangha meeting
  • Contacting the treasurer

Web Admin

  • Manage website and RDO-hosted schedules
  • Liaison to RD about online needs
  • Contacting the Web Admin

Facilitation captain

  • Makes sure all the meetings are covered each week
  • Ensures public schedules (website+Google Calendar) are accurate (in collaboration with Web Admin)
  • Ensure RDG meeting lists are accurate
  • Contacting the Facilitation captain

Meeting Facilitators Circle ( ♾)

RDO Sangha Support Circle

  • A group of various volunteers who convene to problem-solve together 
  • Volunteers for most single-person roles above would be asked to participate.
  • Organizes SSC meetings as-needed to work together on tasks, maybe once per month (so SSC members who also go to Intersangha meetings have a meeting every two weeks instead of every month)
  • Tasks
    • Manage email (decide who needs access) 
    • Convene and facilitate monthly Intersangha business meeting 
    • Agenda formation and consensus process with Chair as lead
    • Moderate Facilitator communication (eg google groups, slack, etc.) 
    • Support Meeting Facilitators with training and meeting planning
    • Liaise with Sangha Support and other RDG Circles including inclusion, governance etc. 
  • Members of the SSC
    • Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Web Admin
    • Facilitation Captain
  • Contacting the SSC

This is a living document. To add comments or suggestions, please visit the Google Docs version: